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The Joint Research Unit Integrated Biology for the Development of Tree and Forest Diversity (UMR 0588) brings together expertise in genetics, genomics and physiology applied to the study of forest trees. The research carried out aims to enhance the value of forest genetic resources with a view to sustainable timber and biomass production, while taking into account the ecological impact of domesticated populations on the ecosystem and a changing climatic context. UMR BioForA conducts genetic improvement programmes on 6 forest species (Douglas fir, larch, Scots pine, ash, cherry, poplar) and is involved in innovative strategies for selection and dissemination of genetic progress. It is involved in the evaluation and management of genetic diversity as well as in the study of interactions between improved varieties and corresponding wild populations, thus helping to define strategies for the management and conservation of forest genetic resources. In order to meet these objectives, an integrative biology approach is being developed mainly on the poplar model to better understand the genetic determinism of the complex traits of interest involved in tree development (phenology, growth, wood properties), its adaptation to environmental constraints (resistance to pathogens, water use efficiency), thus contributing to the construction of the phenotype.

Léopoldo SANCHEZ-RODRIGUEZ – Unit Director

Thuya copyright Françoise Laurans INRAE

01 March 2024

By: BV

Xylogenesis Days

19-21 juin 2024
October 19-20 at Nouan-le-Fuzelier

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