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Through GIS Peuplier, INRAE and FCBA have pooled their resources around a shared work program, focused on providing the poplar industry with high-performance poplar varieties with stable characteristics.
Since 2001, GIS Peuplier has been running a genetic improvement program and carrying out its own hybridizations. Currently, two main types of hybrids are produced in parallel: first-generation Euro-American hybrids (Populus deltoides x Populus nigra) and inter-American hybrids involving both P. deltoides and P. trichocarpa species, but derived from more advanced generations of hybridization to achieve satisfactory leaf rust tolerance. In 2015, a new type of cross was successfully carried out: P. trichocarpa x P. maximowiczii. Finally, GIS Peuplier is evaluating P. trichocarpa clones from its base population or from old intraspecific crosses, with a view to proposing a varietal release in the near future.

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