January 2021 – December 2025

Tomorrow's douglas fir trees are taking shape today

Partners : INRAE, FCBA, ONF, France-Douglas


BioForA staff involved : 

Funding : Ministry of Agriculture

Budget :

Summary :

BioForA has been involved since 2015 in the Douglas Avenir programme, whose objective is to consolidate an improvement population and renew Douglas seed orchards to meet the needs of the sector. The programme is financed by the Ministry of Agriculture. In 2021, a second phase of this programme is launched for 5 years.
In the continuity of the Douglas Avenir 1 project, Douglas Avenir 2 has two strategic objectives:

  •     in the short and medium term: to enable the creation of new varieties of Douglas that meet the expectations of the sector and are adapted to climate change,
  •     in the long term: to enable the continuation of a programme to improve Douglas fir in France.

DAv2 also has four scientific and technical objectives:

  •     Evaluate the improvement population selected in the DAv1 project
  •     Propose basic material for 2nd generation Douglas fir seed orchards: end of slice 2 and slice 3
  •     To study the genetic determinism of traits not taken into account in the DAv1 project and to remove methodological obstacles related to the dissemination of improved material and early evaluation.
  •     Communicate on improved Douglas-fir varieties

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