July 2020 – November 2024

Bioactive mulches for soil remediation and crop prophylaxis

Partners : UMR 0588 BioForA (Coordination), CETU-Innophyt (Univesrité de Tours), Association Arbocentre, Comité de Développement Horticole de la Région Centre (CDHRC), Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin, UMR Agroécologie

BioForA staff involved : C. Breton, N. Boizot, N. Belmokhtar

Other staff involved : UE GBFor

Funding : Centre Val de Loire Region (IR 2020, Convention 2020-00138879)

Budget : 210K€

Summary :

The WoodProActif project is based on the antimicrobial properties of Robinia wood that we have highlighted during the ValRob project (IR 2012-2016) during which we obtained and industrially valorised wood extracts of this species that contain 40% of an antimicrobial molecule that largely explains its excellent natural durability. In WoodProActif, Robinia wood will therefore be considered as a natural reservoir and diffusing source of this molecule applied directly to the crops in the form of "bioactive" mulch. Thus, we can think that prophylactic properties linked to the presence of this molecule would be added to those already recognised for this practice (water preservation, limitation of weeds, ...). The main objectives of the experiments carried out on different model species grown in the region (vine, horticultural plants) will be to validate the transfer of the active molecule to the soil, to study its actions on this microenvironment and on the health status of the plants in order to promote a significant and targeted use of this forest resource in the long term. Moreover, within the framework of the recent "zero pesticide" objectives for French agriculture, the use of Robinia wood as a bioactive mulch could eventually find significant outlets in various local agricultural production sectors, while ensuring massive sampling of an invasive species and diversification of outlets for the regional wood sector associated with the project.

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