Dates : 01/01/2017 - 30/06/2020

Smell and Natural Peeling: Selection of Poplars for New Uses

Funding : Région VdL (APR-IR)

Budget : 150k€ dont 59k€ pour l’unité

Partners : BioForA, ICOA, ArboCentre, Panibois

BioForA staff involved : Gilles Pilate, Françoise Laurans, Nathalie Noël, Jean-Paul Charpentier, Vincent Segura, Nassim Belmokhtar, Annabelle Déjardin, Vanina Guérin, Kevin Ader, Jean-Charles Bastien, Frédéric Millier, Paul Marchand (Master), Clément Cuello (Thèse)

Summary :

Our project aims to develop regional forest resources in order to meet the needs of a regional industry producing baking moulds that can withstand sufficient heating to cook food. These moulds are made from sheets of aspen wood that are peeled, shaped and glued. The resource currently used is imported from Siberia, with a large ecological footprint, as the use of locally available resources is severely limited by various factors : i) the baking moulds produced with this resource give off a strong odour when heated, which is a major drawback to their use as a food cooking container; ii) a significant proportion of the wood sheets cannot be used in production because they have a linting on the surface which makes the appearance of the baskets unattractive; iii) the colour of the wood must be as light as possible; iv) the mechanical strength of the peeled sheets is decisive for the shaping stage of the baking moulds. The OpenSPeNU project aims to identify a local wood resource with a good compromise for these different factors. To do so, we will i) identify the molecular actors responsible for odour and linting in order to develop efficient tests to screen local wood resources and identify those that would be suitable to satisfactorily replace currently imported wood. Finally, we will carry out a prospective study on the valorization of regional wood resources in the production of cooking moulds.


Publications :  Lavalette A, de Bussac O, Boizot N, Charpentier JP, Guérin V, Laurans F, Segura V, Déjardin A, Bastien JC, Chartier A,  Percina N, Destandau E, Fougere L, Hubert A, de La Rochère E, Pilate G, 2019. Valorisation des ressources forestières régionales pour la production de moules de cuisson en bois déroulé. 8émes Journées du GDR Bois, ENSTIB, Epinal, 18-20 Novembre. Poster

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