PHENOBOIS : Phenotyping of the physicochemical properties of wood and hydraulics of trees.

PHENOBOIS is a phenotyping tool for progressing in the analysis of major future problems concerning forests and silviculture:

  • Influence of genetic improvement on productivity, wood quality of forest trees and forest resilience
  • Influence of global changes on the survival and productivity of trees and the functioning of forest ecosystems

The objectives of PHENOBOIS are:

  • To provide research and industry with a common platform to characterize wood and understand the biological and ecological processes involved in the development of this tissue.
  • To understand the environmental and genetic determinants of the variability of wood properties in plantation forests and in forests with little human intervention.
  • To identify the mechanisms involved in the adaptation and response of trees to water stress
  • To provide phenotyping tools to identify new genotypes that perform well for forestry in terms of productivity, resistance to abiotic stresses and resilience.

The PHENOBOIS platform associates several laboratories and workshops attached to the BioForA Unit of the Centre Val de Loire (Orléans site), BIOGECO of the Centre Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Bordeaux (Cestas and Pessac sites) and PIAF of the Centre Clermont-Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Crouël site). The networking of these entities of technological activities specialized on wood presents several advantages in terms of synergy by the pooling of experiences specific to each unit, of complementarity with specific and remarkable equipment spread over the three sites and of strength of proposal to answer the various requests and projects of analyses in the fields of quantitative genetics, ecophysiology, genomics, molecular biology, anatomy, biochemistry and dendrochronology


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