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Team Genetics, Adaptation and Improvement (GA2) - Platform PHENOBOIS - "Physico-chemical characterization of wood properties, infrared spectrometry, microdensitometry, saccharification of lignocellulosic biomasses".
Conservation and Reproduction Team (CORE) - "Contribution to the "forest genetic resources" axis of ONF's RDI project"
Study of transcription factors involved in the formation of roots and heartwood.
Molecular Physiology of Wood Formation Team (BOIS) - " Production and characterization of genetically modified or edited trees ".
Forest Tree Conservation and Reproduction team (CORE) - "Biochemical characterization of seeds or embryos; Chemical analyzes of wood"
Conservation and Reproduction Team (CORE) - "Modelling, sustainable management of forest resources"
Genetic, Adaptation and Improvement Team (GA²) - "Integrative genomic prediction of complex phenotypes using system biology approach."
Genetic, Adaptation and Improvement Team (GA²) - "Understanding of the genetic architecture of a selection target trait in poplar: resistance and tolerance to Melampsora larici-populina (Mlp)."
Molecular Physiology of Wood Formation Team (BOIS) - Histology, Cytology and Anatomy of Wood
Conservation and Reproduction of Forest Trees Team (CORE) - "Study of the physiological and molecular determinism of the somatic embryogenesis of conifers in a changing environment".

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